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UPI-AGRO hit record in grain yields


UPI-AGRO hit record in grain yields

UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO production units sucsessfully finished harvesting of early grains. The Company harvested 298 000 tons of grain from 42 000 hectares. Average winter wheat yield increased up to 7,25 t/ha, spring barley – up to 6,27 t/ha, spring wheat – up to 6,10 t/ha.

The best yield results were obtained by unit “Kolos” and “Klembivka”, which harvested 8 tons per hectare.

The same success was achieved in peas growing. The Company harvested 4 533 t of peas from 1 000 ha. Despite the fact that for the Company it was the first experience of large-scale peas growing, UPI-AGRO successfully coped with the task.